Archive 7 Archive7 is the perfect electronic data archiving service.
Archive7 is a comprehensive archiving service that integrates with your current onsite and offsite backup procedures. Archive7 ensures that your company has a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place to avoid any instances of short-term data loss, and provide 24/7/365 access to historical data. Data redundancy is a fundamental element of any data strategy and Archive7 creates multiple snapshots of your servers.


• The Archive7 service is facilitated through the careful integration of Sync7, Diskmirror7, Archive7, Rsync, Cron, SSH and other sub-systems

• Multiple server snapshots are stored on dedicated secure servers

• Archive7 servers (onsite and hosted options exist)

• The snapshots capture part or all electronic server states at configurable, specifi c instances in time, set up according to an agreed archive strategy


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