MailActive Fully supported mobility, security and storage bundle for your electronic mail.
MailActive from IWay is a complete messaging platform for your business. Email is mission-critical to both service delivery and employee productivity, and in today’s environment your business requires rich and effi cient access to email, calendars, attachments and contacts from a range of locations and devices. MailActive delivers a messaging system that addresses these needs..


• Built-in protective technologies that reduce spam/ viruses, enable confi dential communications flow and ensure compliance is maintained

• Centralised storage and management of all email

• No software licences

• Design of hardware, installation and maintenance plan

• Bandwidth conservation through effective delivery of local mail

• Secure, remote access to email, appointments and contacts

• Comprehensive disaster recovery plan (automated protection)

• Regular updates and system enhancements (at no additional cost)

• Proactive and reactive support for all email queries

• Detailed performance reporting at server, domain and mailbox levels

• Unlimited on-site mailbox size

• Support for multiple mailboxes within your own domain

• Supports both POP and IMAP

From just


per month

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