Sync7 Keep your business up and running - whatever happens.
Designed to function as a suite, Sync7 and DiskMirror7 offer comprehensive data protection and data recovery services. Your business’s most valuable asset is its data, and unplanned events such as hard disk failures, viruses, operator mistakes, natural disasters or hardware theft can put your data and your business at risk. Regardless of the size of your business, a disaster recovery plan needs to be in place before disaster strikes. Sync7 and DiskMirror7 from IWay ensure rapid recovery and secure offsite storage of your data. Should your servers suffer a complete failure or any other disaster, Sync7 and DiskMirror7 makes sure that your business is up and running in no time.


• Complete remote storage of all electronic data

• Files can be recovered instantly

• Web access to backed up fi les for when travelling or at home

• Security is provided through secure-socket connections to IWay’s data centres, 128-bit encryption and account passwords (data compression ensures regular backups are very efficient and non-intrusive)

• Differential synchronisation - if a change is made to a previously backed up document, only the change to that document is sent, not the whole document

• Backups can be scheduled or started manually and can, therefore, be performed at the most convenient times

• An automated, proactive monitoring system ensures any problems are identified and rectified quickly


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